Female Vampire Nude Scenes

To ensure her survival, an undead countess drains the life force from her prey. Meanwhile, she stirs a poet's passion -- and the coroner's suspicions.

Rated: Not Rated
Released: 1973
Netflix Rating: 2.9
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"The best nudity on Netflix. But if you don't like a woman with a full bush (which I love), stay away." -Dr. Phibes

"Like really bad amature porn, lead actress not sexy at all doesn't even know how to be. Los of bushy genetalia male and female. Really nasty spread eagle, so bushy you can see only a glimpse of clit, sleazy male actors, nothing hot that will turn you on." -sicko

"Nudity throughout the whole movie. There are English subtitles to the movie, but they are pretty much worthless as the movie is all about a Vampire in heat. Well there is a story, but it's not like you're going to care. And like others have said, if she didn't have that forest between her legs it would be a lot more erotic."

"If only this movie was done 20 years later when razors and shavers were being used. The main character is super hot but has a bush thicker then the amazon rainforest. She opens her pussy but all you see is black hair hahaha. Nice shots though. Movie is blah"

"Terrible movie, awful camera work, lots of sex, as the previously review said, very easy to skip through, most scenes 5-10 are 5-10 mins. If you like this movie, Jean Rollin is the director and a lot of similar movies of his are currently on netflx" -itsderek

"For lovers of the full bush, this movie is for you. The main character is pretty much naked throughout and offers many open legged pussy views. Of course it is hard to make out any details because, like I said, full bush!" -totee

"Lots of nudity Plenty of pussy and surprisingly close up at times. Actually worth skipping through to see all the scenes. The opening scene actually zooms in on her pussy"